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How to Book

Find out all the ways of booking your wellness experience.

Aquaria has devised entry options and booking methods to meet every need.  The aim is to ensure the thermal experience is enjoyed to the maximum by everyone in the best possible ways, always with respect for the facility and other guests.


The opening and closing times are displayed at the facility and can be found on the internet site.  The Management reserves the option to change the times, access to the individual facilities or order the temporary closure under special circumstances, such as bad weather, overcrowding or technical reasons, for example. It is made clear that, in such cases, no total or partial reimbursement of the entry ticket will be provided.

Online purchase:

In the days when booking is not mandatory, you can freely enter at the time you prefer.  However, remember that booking is the recommended way to ensure entry.
In the days of high levels of attendance, the Management reserves the right to temporarily suspend entry without booking during the day.
Before purchase, find out the days when booking is mandatory and check our health notices below.


Purchase online with credit card.

Termemotion voucher:

If you have a Voucher, call the number +39 030 916044 to book the services and arrange the date and time of entry.



Children more than two and a half years old can enter. Unaccompanied access to the facility is allowed for those over 16 years old. Until that age, access to the sauna areas and the first floor relaxation zones is only allowed in the company of an adult, who will ensure respect for the peace and tranquillity of other guests. For children who are novices in the water, in addition to the supervision of the adult, the use of water wings is recommended, which are not on sale at the facility. In the case of the use of nappies, no-leak varieties must be obtained. 


Use of the Finnish sauna is not recommended for pregnant woman. There are general contraindications against the use of the thermal swimming pools, the soft sauna and the steam baths. It is a good rule to avoid them in the first trimester and the last month of pregnancy. In special situations, a pregnancy at risk or with on-going conditions, a doctor must be consulted.  

Prohibited Entry

People suffering from infectious diseases, skin eruptions or open wounds are prohibited from entry.


Animals are prohibited from entry.

Here is everything you need to know before arriving at Aquaria.