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Thermal Natural Body Shape

An effective remise en forme program starting from self-awareness

Stop for a few days and take the first step toward a healthier life

After long periods of sedentary lifestyle, restrictions and multitasking, body and mind are stressed, burdened. The body suffers, but also mood and energy levels rapidly decrease. It’s time to take the first step toward a healthier life.

The Program Thermal Natural Body Shape is a program that sets an effective remise en forme starting from the awareness of our own condition.
Draining and reshaping beauty treatments with specific machinery are combined with thermal treatments such as body wrap with sulphurous salso-bromo-iodic mud. Personalized dynamic yoga contributes to reactivate the metabolism, to tone and sculpt the body: posture is corrected, toxins and excess fluids are eliminated and progressively the body gets back in shape and becomes flexible and harmonious. Relaxation and Mindfulness techniques are a valid tool to learn to relax and decentralize, a mental attitude that ease the control of emotional hunger.

Nutrition is a fundamental aspect in a path of self care: the menu prepared following the Nutritionist of Terme di Sirmione’ s guidelines includes gourmet balanced dishes, thought to contain the caloric intake and regain physical and mental energy.
Besides what we eat it is important how we eat it: during the path you will acquire the first tools to adopt a conscious diet.

This stay is dedicated to those who want to:

  • get away from the routine and get back to take care of themselves
  • regain physical and metal energy
  • learn to relax and decentralize
  • acquire the first tools to adopt a conscious diet

What is included in the stay Thermal Natural Body Shape (2 nights):

  • 2 Energy Welcome Drink
  • 1 Thermal Natural Body Shape Program for 1 person which includes:
    • Medical consultation introduction to the program and definition of improvement objectives
    • A body yoga sequence 45’ to tone the body and stimulate the metabolism
    • A mindfulness session 45’ to learn relaxation techniques and emotional hunger control 
    • A body preparation 25’ to receive specific treatments 
    • 1 relaxing hydromassage 20’ in a private tub multi-jet with thermal water
    • 1 specific remodeling treatment 80’ according to medical advice
    • 1 cocooning with thermal mud 50’ to stimulate the circulatory system
  • Overnight stay with breakfast and dinner with a choice from the menu prepared according to the advice of the nutritionist. Gluten free and vegetarian alternatives are always available.
  • Participation in group Thermal Water Yoga sessions with floating experience, free of charge upon availability.

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Medical consultation to define objectives
Thermal Natural Body Shape program
Overnight stay with breakfast
Dinner following nutritionist advices

Why Choose a Remise en Forme Retreat?

Benefits of Yoga have been known for millennia as those of sulphurous thermal water baths. From their union has been developed the Thermal Water Yoga: relaxing Asana (positions) of stretching and breathing to free your body from stress and to gain a regenerating sensation. In water the balance changes, the floating leads to more fluid movements and to a pleasant sensation of lightness; it performs a natural massage. The body temperature rises, it becomes more elastic. The warmth of the water favors the concentration and the breathing slows down.

Sulphurous salso-bromo-iodic water has important therapeutic chemical characteristics that in synergy with water physical characteristics has beneficial effects on the skin and on musculoskeletal system. Sulphurous water acts on the nervous system and generates, together with the warmth of water itself, an analgesic and muscle relaxant effect, relieves muscle tensions and stimulates peripheral circulation. The immersion in this type of thermal water has an anti-inflammatory and lenitive action on the skin and a natural exfoliating effect: skin looks brighter, smoother and more elastic. The same properties applies to sulphurous salso-bromo-iodic mud.

The microclimate of the lake has a sedative effect and the view, lost in the stretch of water amplifies the state of relaxation.

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