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The Packages

Ideas for completing the stay with specific treatments.

Guests of the Grand Hotel Terme are not only seeking relaxation but love to take care of themselves and recover their psycho-physical harmony. To give more value to the holiday, there are many proposals for effective programmes and treatment that involve nutrition, physical activities, thermal treatments and specific treatments.  Courses formulated by a qualified team of doctors and professionals, depending on the individual needs. Rejuvenation Therapy, Draining, Back on Form, Anti-ageing, Slimming are just some of the proposals of the Grand Hotel Terme. The packages can be bought at the booking stage or directly at the hotel during the stay.


Check-up week

A complete health check-up for living longer and better.  From €1,432

Rejuvenation Therapy

6-day programme with initial medical examination to define the most suitable treatments for each guest.   From €1,600

Sinusitis programme

6 days of thermal treatments personalised through a specialist examination supplemented with a nutritional plan. From €1,245

Breathing programme

The package involves an integrated bronchopneumological and nutritional integrated approach. From €1,381

Spleeping well

The package involves an integrated bronchopneumological, otorhinolaryngological, osteopathic and nutritional specialist approach. From €1,618

Women's check-up

Multidisciplinary course that employs the expertise of various specialists, both for the curative and preventive aspects.  From €1,450

Healthy skin

A proposal for enjoying your healthy holiday in relaxation and treating skin disorders. From €1,256

Children’s health

The programme also involves a physiotherapy or dermatological examination and osteopathic assessment to deal with problems connected to the prevention of increasingly common postural disorders in children.  From €1,354



This package consists of a natural course that aims to avoid stressing the body and instead help it achieve harmony. From €1,142


This course, associated with the benefits of the sulphurous thermal waters, enables pleasurable and effective slimming.  From €1,117

A taste of lightness

A weekend devoted to wellness: pampering, relaxation and healthy food.  Review your diet with a nutritionist and with  new Wellness Menus. From €463


Inner cleansing at every change of season. From €1,117 

Remise en form

A complete course to recover energy and psychophysical balance through nutrition, movement and thermal waters. From €1,227

Skin per aquam

To gentle improve elasticity, rehydrate, tone and make the facial skin bright, put your trust in the water of Terme di Sirmione.  €200

Reawaken your senses

Give yourself a break in pursuit of wellness amidst the warm hospitality of the Grand Hotel Terme 5*. €138


Oasis for two

An oasis of wellness on Lake Garda.  This is the Private Spa of the Grand Hotel Terme 5*. Give yourself intense moments of relaxation as a couple.  €278

Romantic escape

The Private Spa of the Grand Hotel Terme 5* is an exclusive, intimate place to be pampered and relax with your beloved.  €360

SPA castello love

An evocative setting in which to celebrate love and the beloved. €560


Gourmet experience

An opportunity to regenerate thanks to the thermal water and the lake’s microclimate. €150

Gourmet luxury experience

An enchanting experience on Lake Garda.  €280

Gourmet experience excellent

The Grand Hotel Terme 5* offers you a wellness and relaxation break in its luxury Spa overlooking the lake and, to conclude, an aperitif and a romantic gourmet dinner for two. €90

Gourmet experience extra lux

For a unique and unforgettable experience on Lake Garda, the Grand Hotel Terme 5* offers you a wellness and relaxation break in its luxury Spa overlooking the lake and, to conclude, an aperitif and a romantic gourmet dinner for two. €110

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Elegance, taste and exclusivity with a lake view in the restaurant of the historic Grand Hotel Terme.


The experience of an unforgettable stay in total wellness and relaxation.