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The packages

The objective is health, for a new style of holiday

Rediscover time for yourself and your equilibrium. In the spectacular context of the Hotel Sirmione and Promessi Sposi, everything has been designed for the recovery of wellness, not only due to beneficial thermal water but also the most complete packages for visits, which include nutrition and fitness programmes and specific treatments. Courses put together by a qualified team of doctors and professionals, depending on the individual needs. With the Detox, Back on Form at the Spa, Slimming and Anti-ageing packages, the holiday becomes an opportunity to get back on form and adopt a new lifestyle. The packages can be bought at the booking stage or directly at the hotel during the stay. Discovery all the packages >> (Link http://termedisirmione.com/offerte-pacchetti-hotel-sirmione.jsp)


Sinusitis programme

Thanks to the curative qualities of the thermal water, it is possible to unblock and protect the airways. From €757 

Breathing programme

The package provides an integrated specialist bronchopneumologic and nutritional approach. Nutrition can influence the health of the bronchial tubes. From €874 

Restful sleep

A proposal aimed at those who cannot sleep well due to respiratory disorders during sleep, such as obstructive apnea, which prevent a good night's rest.  From €1,120 

Healthy skin

The proposal provides an integrated specialist dermatological and nutritional approach, given that nutrition is recognised as a factor that can influence the health of the skin. From €742 

Healthy children

The programme also provides a physiotherapy or dermatological examination and an osteopathic assessment to tackle problems connected to the prevention of postural disorders in children, increasingly common, such as scoliosis, curved spine, varus and valgus of the knee.  From €836 



This package consists of a natural course with the aim of avoiding stress to the organism and leading it to a condition of harmony.  From €627 


The slimming package combines healthy, tasty nutrition with physical activity and specific treatments that help reawaken the cellular metabolism.  From €637 


This package combines a balanced diet based on personal needs with a series of massages and mud treatments for the body, which reduce swelling and promote the elimination of excess liquids and toxins.  From €647 

Remise en form

A complete course to recover energy and psychophysical balance through nutrition, movement and thermal waters.  From €647 

Tasteful beauty

Give yourself a relaxing and tasty break, immersed in the enchanting charm of the ancient town of Sirmione. €148

100 and 1 Night

Spoil yourself with a totally personalised proposal, as you like and all for you: 4 course dinner and 100 minutes of beauty and wellness €134


Spa exclusive

Five hours in the company of friends in the modern Spa of the Hotel Sirmione e Promessi Sposi 4*. €60


Aquaria experience with taste

An experience of wellness and taste, in the romantic medieval town of Sirmione. €99

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The restaurant of the Hotel Sirmione e Promessi Sposi: pleasing to the eyes and the palate. 


Close to the Castle, in a fairy tale. For those who dream of a magical holiday.