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Thermal water and aesthetic dermatology: beauty is not only skin-deep


Prevent skin ageing is fundamental to love yourself.  
The Anti-ageing Programme is an itinerary created by Terme di Sirmione's dermatologists which employs Terme di Sirmione Method treatments (water and mud based) and non-invasive aesthetic dermatology sessions.
What are the goals? Fighting the oxidative action of free radicals to favour skin hydration and regeneration.

Terme di Sirmione's water is sulfur salt-bromine-iodine, rich in trace elements and mineral salts. Its sulphurous part acts directly on skin through specific agents such as keratolytic (which has an exfoliating effect) and keratoplastic (which favours the skin's natural renewal), has an anti-inflammatory action and improves the skin's physiological balance, acts as booster for cell reactions and restores the correct amount of mineral salts. The salt-bromine-iodine part has, in particular, an antiegemin power.
Bio revitalisation is a natural method, which gives vigour to face, neck, cleavage and hands by means of small hyaluronic acid injections. Perfect tool to prevent skin ageing processes, it is recommended to enhance the skin's tone, for visible hydration and brightness, and a more compact skin.
Fractional radiofrequency is a non-traumatic and non-invasive treatment to delete micro wrinkles and give a more youthful tone to the face. It is used for treatments against photo ageing and pockmarks as well.

The Anti-ageing package consists of:
  • One 7-day Anti-ageing itinerary which includes:
    • 1 dermatological medical examination
    • 2 fractional radiofrequency treatments - 20 min.
    • 1 Bio revitalisation treatment - 20 min.
    • 1 oxygenating cleanse with thermal mud
    • 3 personalised facial with thermal mud - 50 min.
    • 1 facial treatment with thermal water mask - 25 min.
    • 1 anti-ageing Gold treatment with DNA - 50 min. 
  • A 6-night stay and half board
  • One SPF50 sunscreen

The Anti-ageing package includes:

Dermatological medical
Fractional radiofrequency
Oxygenating cleanse with thermal mud
Personalised facial
with thermal mud
Anti-ageing Gold treatment
with DNA
6-night stay and half board
Access to the SPA

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Grand Hotel Terme 5*

Before the end of the booking process, you will be able to add another Anti-ageing itinerary for the second guest.  
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Hotel Sirmione 4*

Before the end of the booking process, you will be able to add another Anti-ageing itinerary for the second guest. 
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