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An itinerary validated by the medical team of Terme di Sirmione


Goals: refining, draining and stimulating microcirculation for a fast and effective body reshaping
Cellulite, typical women's blemish, is caused mainly by hormones and their influence on blood and lymph circulation. A bad lifestyle - poor in physical activity - wrong food habits, tobacco and alcohol abuse linked with everyday life stress causes its formation.
To prevent and reduce blemishes it is important to combine thermal, aesthetic and medical cures with a correct lifestyle.
This 2-week medical programme includes two nutritional assessments and pairs Terme di Sirmione's water and mud with the latest-generation dermatology equipment.

For each adult, the 12-day Anti-cellulite Package includes:
  • 11-night stay and half board with dishes from the Day's Menu
  • Access to the thermal SPA of the hotel during your stay (to enhance the benefits of the package we suggest a 20-minute bath in the thermal water pool and 20-minute sauna per day)
The Anti-cellulite Programme for 1 person included in the package contains:
  • 1 nutritional and anthropometric assessments with capillar and urine dipstick test 
  • Nutritional plan for the duration of your stay 
  • Dermatological medical examination 
  • 12 thermal mud treatments*
  • 12 thermal hydro-massages*
  • 6 lymphatic drainage massages*
  • 4 quadripolar radiofrequencies (big areas), with dermatological assessment at Terme Virgilio 
  • Further nutritional plan to enjoy the benefits at home 
  • Contouring body cream from the Aquaria Thermal Cosmetics line
*at Grand Hotel Terme. 

The package is built on a hotel stay for 2 people and includes:

Examination with a nutritionist
Dermatological examination
Lymphatic drainage massages
Thermal mud treatments
Lymphatic drainage treatments
Quadripolar radiofrequency
11-night stay and half board

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