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Body rehab

Take care of your health without giving up relaxation


Rehabilitation and relaxation

The Body Rehab package was created by the medical equipe of Terme di Sirmione. After a medical assessment, the thermal rehabilitation programme includes therapeutic massages and kinesitherapy sessions, which will allow you to find balance and physical wellness again.
We also suggest you experience our sauna itinerary and the swimming pools to enhance the benefits of the treatments.

Wellness Menu during the stay

Today we know for a fact that nutrition is a powerful tool against several diseases.
Many researches encourage us to change our meal plan and stick to a healthy diet. The European Code against Cancer, the American Heart Association and other associations have identified fundamental recommendations to protect us from cardio-vascular, oncological and ageing diseases. Our food philosophy is based on these studies and offers - thanks to the synergy between Dr. Anna Villarini and our' Chefs - healthy, seasonal and extremely creative dishes. 

For each adult, the package includes:
  • 6-night stay and half board with dishes from the Day's Menu
  • Access to the thermal SPA of the hotel during your stay (to enhance the benefits of the package we suggest a 20-minute swim and 20 minutes in the sauna per day)
The Body Rehab programme for 1 person included in the package contains:
  • 1 Physiatric medical assessment at Terme Virgilio
  • 1 Massage-therapy programme (6 days of 30' therapeutic massage)
  • 2 individual kinesitherapy sessions at Terme Virgilio
  • 1 Aquaria Thermal Cosmetics massage cream

The package is built on a hotel stay for 2 people and includes:

6-night stay and half board
Access to the Hotel SPA
1 Physiatric medical assessment
2 individual kinesitherapy sessions
1 Massage-therapy programme
1 Aquaria Thermal Cosmetics massage cream