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Vitality Week

Find vitality through the thermal benefits


Find your balance and physical shape.
The perfect proposal to give yourself a wellness break, to awaken your body and to be in shape, to find lightness and vitality again.
The package includes two programmes to be carried out in 7 days.

For each adult, the 7-day Vitality Week Package includes:
  • 6-night stay and half board with buffet breakfast and 4-course dinner with dishes from the Day's Menu
  • Access to the thermal SPA of the hotel during your stay (to enhance the benefits of the package we suggest a 20-minute bath in the thermal water pool and 20-minute sauna per day)
The Vitality Week Programme for 1 person included in the package contains:
  • 1 physiatric medical examination
  • 3 single Kinesitherapy sessions
  • 1 Massage Cream from the Aquaria Thermal Cosmetics line

The Health Week Programme for 1 person included in the package contains one of the following programmes:
  • Nose-throat Programme: developed for athletes, smokers and people living in polluted cities, it helps you breathe freely and reduces acute inflammatory long-term episodes.
  • Ear Programme: suitable for children and elderly people, it helps you hear well. It consists of natural, tolerable, non-invasive and side-effect free cures.
  • Mud therapy and Balneotherapy Programme: improves symptomatological pain, osteoporosis and other degenerative forms. Improves functional joint limits. 
  • Balneotherapy Programme: deals with several skin diseases such as dermatitis, psoriasis and acne, very common nowadays.
  • 1 package of Acqua di Sirmione

The package is built on a hotel stay for 2 people and includes:

1 Physiatric medical examination
3 single kinesitherapy sessions
1 Health Week Programme
6-night stay and half board
Access to the thermal SPA of the hotel

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