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At the spa in order to learn how to take care of yourself

Prevention is fundamental at all stages of life. Following a healthy lifestyle and periodically monitoring the state of health with targeted and sustainable diagnostic check-ups or with non-invasive and scientifically-reliable tests is the best way of combatting diseases and future problems.

The purpose of the prevention programmes and the check-ups of Terme di Sirmione is to combat the 4 great risk factors (hypertension, smoking, alcohol, overweight) and their consequences, of which the most serious is represented by the mortality rate among 30 and 40 year-olds for chronic, non-transmissible diseases (tumours, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes).

High Blood Pressure

Regular physical activity reduces the risk of high blood pressure.


Exposure to tobacco smoke, both active and passive, causes lung cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases.


Drinking alcohol damages the heart and leads to other cardiovascular risk factors.


Poor dietary habits, which are linked to overweight and obesity, increase the risk of cardiac diseases, strokes and diabetes.

Check Ups

To improve your state of wellness.


Training the body and mind with expert physiotherapists

Medical SPA

The best treatment courses for the wellness of guests, in agreement with the National Health System.

The prevention programmes and check-ups of TdS enable the acquisition of a healthier lifestyle with information, training and personalised diagnostic tests.