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Check Ups

To improve your state of wellness

At every stage of life, choosing to have a Check Up is the most effective way to safeguard your health and wellness. Terme di Sirmione’s Check Ups are based on the interdisciplinary collaboration of various specialists who offer a unique, integrated and agreed therapeutic diagnostic programme.

Women's Health - Mums Check up

Women's Health - Menopause Check up

Children’s Health Check up

Respiratory Check up

Smokers Check up

Vascular System Check up

Acne Check up

Cellulite Check up

Overweight Check up

Irritable Colon and Constipation Check up

Mole Mapping

The Terme di Sirmione health project is structured in various areas of intervention that include prevention, education and early diagnosis through check-ups and integrated ad hoc programmes: Healthy children, the health of young adults, the health of the "elderly” and Women’s Health. The continuous development is based on scientific research and collaboration with the most authoritative scientific societies and patient associations.