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The sulphurous water with bromide and iodide salts of Terme di Sirmione is regarded as a natural medicine. Rich in precious minerals, especially sulphur, in the form of hydrogen sulphide, it exerts particular actions on the mucociliary function of the airways (improvement of clearance within 3 weeks), a direct mucolytic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action. 
Thermal treatments integrate courses of prevention and maintenance therapy of respiratory diseases (chronic bronchitis, COPD, asthmatic bronchitis etc.). The new Breathing Programmes of Terme di Sirmione, aimed at those with respiratory problems, snorers and smokers, offer a combination of services that enable the breathing to be protected and improved, reducing the risk factors or preventing the progress of the disease. Pulmonary ventilation and respiratory physiokinesitherapy are elective treatments for respiratory diseases. 
Conditions: rhino-bronchial syndrome, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive bronchopeumopathy (COPD), asthmatic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), bronchial asthma, acute bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis, dyspnoea or bleeding, sarcoidosis, pneumonia etc. 

Look after Yourself All Year Round
To encourage you to look out for your health all year round, Terme di Sirmione offers special rates. Appointments with specialists (in the same branch of medicine) within 365 days of your first check-up are classified as regular check-ups (€65.00).
A discount of 15% is applied to appointments with specialists (in different branches of medicine) within 365 days of your first specialist check-up.

Two Cycles a Year are Best
Discount of 15% on the second cycle, if equal to the first and carried out in the same calendar year. The second cycle is accessed following an admission check-up. 15% discount on the purchase of 2 private programmes not subsidised by the Italian NHS: the 15% discount is applied to the programme that costs less.



nebuliser, ionised nebuliser, sonic nebuliser, micronised nasal shower, humage, inhalation, nasal irrigation
€ 12.50
single: €31.00 
5 treatments: € 29.00

Pulmonary ventilation and inhalation treatments
2 treatments 6 days: €98.00 12days: €180,00
4 treatments 6 days: €132,00 12days: €248.00
Micronised nasal showers, inhalations, ionised nebulisers, pulmonary ventilation, respiratory rehabilitation and physiotherapy
6 days: €258.00 12 days: €480.00

Bronchopneumatic examination, basic spirometry, spirometry with bronchodilation, walking test
Pulmonology check-up, basic spirometry, spirometry with bronchodilation, walking test, measurement of CO exhaled 
Pulmonology check-up, basic spirometry, spirometry with bronchodilation, sleep monitoring, otorhinolaryngological check-up

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