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Scientific Committee

Nine illustrious names of the Italian medical-scientific panorama, together with the Sanitary Direction of Terme di Sirmione for Research and Development

HEALTH DIRECTOR: Dr. Emanuele Clo'

Former thermal doctor at Terme di Cervia and Terme di Pejo, Dr. Emanuele Clo’ was Vicedirector of Terme di Cervia, Health Director of Terme di Pejo, and then Terme di Comano, before joining Terme di Sirmione as Health Director.

After graduating in Medicine and Surgery, he pursued postgraduate Masters in Medical Hydrology and Thermal Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness, and Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine. He has been teaching for many years in the Master of Medical Hydrology and Thermal Medicine programme at the University of Pavia with which he actively collaborates. Later, he graduated from the Italian Swiss University in Economics and Health and Social Health Management. He has experience teaching the Emilia Romagna professional course for Spa Operators at ENFAP and at the Polis Lombardia school for training future general practitioners with a teaching module on spas.


Composed of nine illustrious names in the Italian medical-scientific panorama, the Scientific Committee of Terme di Sirmione is a group of experts with a high degree of professional and scientific expertise who study and perfect protocols, guidelines and scientific studies in the field of the use of thermal water with the aim of confirming Terme di Sirmione as the benchmark in prevention and health.

Prof. Enrico Agabiti Rosei, President

Medical Clinician Emeritus of the University of Brescia, already President of the European Hypertension Society, puts his expertise and experience at the disposal of the health protection programs of the population who access thermal treatments, with particular regard to hypertensive subjects and potential effect of reducing the consumption of drugs and traditional medical treatments for chronically ill patients who follow a cyclical path of treatment with thermal water.

Prof. Piero Nicolai,
Vice President

Full Professor of Otorhinolaryngology at the University of Padua, constitutes the scientific reference for research in the field of upper airway diseases and the application of the related clinical care protocols. He guarantees continuity with a historical front of specialist commitment that has long characterized the history of the Sirmione thermal baths in the rhino-audiological areas.

Prof. Giampiero Girolomoni

Full Professor of Dermatology and Venereology at the University of Verona, expert in immunodermatology and in the treatment of chronic inflammatory skin diseases (in particular psoriasis and atopic dermatitis), leads the group of dermatological specialists who define the use of balneotherapy and accompany the therapeutic path for patients treated in spas.

Prof. Giuseppe Cirino

Pro Rector of the Federico II University of Naples, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, he is one of the most authoritative international experts in the pharmacology of gasotransmitters and the role of hydrogen sulphide in the various physiological processes. He supports Terme di Sirmione in deepening the knowledge of the mechanisms of action of sulphurous water and constitutes the reference for the possible translational transfer of basic chemical and pharmaceutical knowledge into clinical practice.

Prof. Paola Borella

Full Professor of General and Applied Hygiene at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, is recognized among the leading international experts in the field of legionellosis and supports Terme di Sirmione in the policies for the protection of the microbiological safety of the water and directs research activities relating to the bacterial ecology that characterizes the typical microbiota of the waters and muds used in the spas of Sirmione.

Prof. Anna Villarini

Biologist, specialist in Food Science, teacher at the University of Perugia, Department of Medicine and Surgery, Section of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, is the reference of Terme di Sirmione for the development of programs to promote lifestyles, especially in the food sector, in the vision of a profile of thermal treatments increasingly oriented to the purposes of promoting health and well-being, in a holistic vision of health concept.

Dr. Francesco Puccio

Specialist in General Surgery and in Vascular Surgery, former Director of the Surgery Department of the Garda Brescia ASST. He is directly involved in treatment programs in the phlebological and vascular fields through the thermal waters and guides the pathways to deepen the knowledge of the variations of the intestinal microbiota, in relation to exposure to sulphurous water, bromine and iodine salts of Terme di Sirmione.

Dr. Carlo Sturani

Internist and Pulmonologist, former Scientific and Health Director of Terme di Sirmione, combines a special expertise in the field of respiratory diseases with a refined knowledge of the therapeutic properties of the thermal waters used in the various areas of care and supports at 360 ° the study and in-depth initiatives on clinical hydrology issues.

Dr. Alessandro Signorini,

Specialized in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, as well as in Hygiene and Disease Prevention, and former Scientific and Health Director at Terme di Sirmione, Alessandro Signorini held various managing positions and followed important healthcare projects. General Manager of non-profit private hospital Fondazione Poliambulanza (Brescia) until 2018, he also served as its Health Director from 2003 to 2014. Previously he held the position of Health Director of Spedali Civili di Brescia Hospital (Brescia), Riuniti Hospital (Bergamo), Borgo Trento (Verona) hospital as well as Mellini Hospital (Chiari).
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