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Yoga & Mindfulness Experience

A stay dedicated to the wellness of senses and mind with #mentalwellness experiences.

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Our mind is a powerful instrument able to help us reach physical and mental wellness: not everyone knows though how to use its full potential. Yoga and Mindfulness experiences are used for thousands of years to find balance, peace of senses and health, both physical and mental. That's why Thermal Medical SPA of Grand Hotel Terme offers new experiences of #mentalwellness dedicated to introspection, to reconnect with our inner selves and the nature. Through yoga and mindfulness we learn to feel our body and mind as a whole. By concentrating on our breath and body movements we drive the attention to the listening of our sensations, to stay tuned with the present moment. 

New Yoga Experience and Mindfulness Experience packages offer unique moments of wellness in a natural and suggestive scenery of lake Garda, ideal for those who want to spend time searching for consciousness and inner harmony.

YOGA EXPERIENCE package for 2 persons includes:

1 Yoga for Breath session of 45 minutes: a sequence of asanas and breathing tecniques called “Pranayama” to relax the body and reactivate vital power that brings body and mind to a balance, energy capable to restore inner harmony.
1 Travel Kit of Aquaria Thermal Cosmetics line per person per stay, to continue your wellness experience at home
- Hotel stay and rich breakfast (gluten free and e vegetarian options are always available)

MINDFULNESS EXPERIENCE package for 2 persons includes:

1 Mindfulness session of 45 minutes per person: guided meditative practice that helps to find a renewed sensation of physical and mental wellness, accompanied by music, incenses and tibetan singing bowls.
1 therapeutic massage of 30 minutes per person
1 Travel Kit of Aquaria Thermal Cosmetics line per persons per stay, to continue wellness experience at home
- Hotel stay and rich breakfast (gluten free and vegetarian options are always available)


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