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Thermal Stress Detox

Live an exclusive experience of total relaxation and regeneration

Detox from stress and regain wellness and energy

We constantly live under stress, at an accelerated pace and in polluted environments. Decompression moments are cancelled and the time dedicated to rest and leisure leaves space to a continuous hyper-connection. It is important to prevent the “burn out” syndrome to avoid sleep-wake rhythm dysregulation, work demotivation, loss of meaning and crisis in affective and social relations with headaches, bad digestion, reflux, irritable bowel, constipation, chronical fatigue syndrome.
It’s time to detox: get away from all factors that lead to stress and rebalance the mind-body-spirit unity triggering a transition process from a stress-related condition to a non-stressed one in which we’ll be able again to respond the demands of the environment with energetic and positive attitude.

The Program Thermal Stress Detox offers the opportunity to devote yourself to rest surrounded by the relaxing scenery of Lake Garda, having benefit from a regenerating path and following a detox balanced nutrition, according to the guidelines of the Nutritionist of Terme di Sirmione. Treatments are associated to Counseling, Yoga and Mindfulness activities: the first exploiting the benefits of salso-bromo-iodic sulfurous water and mud, rich in hydrogen sulfide that acts as immunomodulatory and normalizing of the mucous membranes and bromine, with relaxing properties and regulating of the nervous system; the latter are performed by certified teachers and thought to reduce stress and regain the balance between mind-body and energy.

Grand Hotel Terme welcomes the host in a natural scenery of rare beauty, to live an exclusive relaxation and regeneration experience away from any source of stress.

This stay is dedicated to those who wish to:
• Devote to rest amidst the peace and silence of Lake Garda
• Enjoy some time to decompress
• Prevent burn-out symptoms
• Detox from the hyper-connection and emotional pollution
• Learn to manage stressful situations with energetic and positive attitude
• Regain vitality and sense of accomplishment
What is included in the Thermal Stress Detox stay (2 nights):
2 Detox Welcome Drinks
1 Thermal Stress Detox Program for 1 person including:
  • 1 medical consultation for introduction to the program and definition of improvement objectives
  • 1 relaxing whirlpool 20'
  • 1 cocooning 50' with purifying scrub and thermal mud to stimulate the immune system
  • 1 personal yoga session 45' or 1 muscle stretching session with personal trainer 60' to awaken the metabolism
  • 1 facial cleansing with ultrasonic peeling 80'
  • 1 hot stone massage 80’
Overnight stay with breakfast and dinner with a choice from the menu prepared according to the nutritionist’s advice. Gluten free and vegetarian alternatives are always available.
• Group participation in Thermal Water Yoga sessions with floating experience, free upon availability.

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Medical consultation to define objectives
Thermal Stress Detox program
Overnight stay with breakfast
Dinner following nutritionist advices

Why choose a Retreat to reduce Stress?

Nowadays the overload of stress, stimulus and anxiety-causing information is pervasive and normalized. Add to this isolation and sedentary lifestyle. Studies show that in the last two years dysfunctional behaviors as alcohol and substances abuse, smoke and eating disorders have had a huge increase.

Although a mild stress improves the immune response and prevents  infection, prolonged stress appears to have a fundamental role in reduction of immune system functionality, in premature ageing and in neuro-generative disorders inducing the body to develop a “general adjustment response” consisting of cardiovascular, metabolic and psychological changes aimed at counteract its effects.

The sulphurous salso-bromo-iodic water, used in its different forms, in the treatments, by means of the mud and in water immersion, has many specific and general beneficial effects on the body. The sulphurous salso-bromo-iodic water is also rich in hydrogen sulphide which has an immunomodulatory effect, it is mucolytic, anti-inflammatory and normalizing of mucous membranes and it is rich in bromine, an element known for its relaxing properties and regulating the nervous system.

The lake, with its mild and regenerating climate, has sedative effects on nervous system. The lake promenade and the historical center of Sirmione, context in which is set Grand Hotel Terme, make this the perfect place for long and regenerating strolls away from any stress source.

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