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Dei Poeti Restaurant

The restaurant of the Hotel Sirmione e Promessi Sposi: pleasing to the sight and the palate. 

Green Pass update of December 24, 2021: to access our restaurants, the hotel guests must have Basic Green Pass certificate, while for those who do not stay in the hotel, the Reinforced Green Pass is mandatory. Learn more on the #safefor130years page

In the lively atmosphere of the centre of Sirmione, overlooking the main square and alongside the jetty, the Poets’ Restaurant is the perfect setting for lunches and dinners on the lake.

The room, large and sophisticated, is enclosed with large windows. Outside, the tables are arranged on a terrace and a jetty next to the water.
The cuisine, offered both to hotel guests and non-guests, including in the afternoon, is made from fresh, selected ingredients and is the work of the chef Cristiano Aldegheri. 
The menu creatively interprets the typical dishes of local tradition; among the most classic offers are some four-star dishes, for gastronomic experiences of the highest qualiy, always in line with the recommendations of Dr Anna Villarini, a biological nutritionist who applies the most authoritative nutritional recommendations.
To spoil the guests, there are also two bars: one indoors, for a coffee or a drink next to the swimming pool, and one outdoors, for a relaxing aperitif after a long day in the spa.

The Poets’ Restaurant
Piazza Castello 19 
25019 Sirmione, Italia

Open all days from 12.00 to 22.00
Telefono: +39 030 990 4922