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Terme di Sirmione’s Osteopathic Physiotherapists mainly treat musculoskeletal-type structural and mechanical problems, to which functional alterations of the organs and intestines and the craniosacral system can be added. Osteopathy aims to correct the imbalance created following painful symptoms to re-establish the harmony and rebalancing tension. It acts for therapeutic but also preventive purposes and can be supplemented with other medical disciplines, such as, for example, physiotherapy and odontology. It is used in disorders of: musculoskeletal system (cervical, dorsal and lumbar pain; vertebral, joint, costal, intercostal pains; pain from sports injuries, pain from disk hernia, coccigodynia, tendonitis, osteoarthritis etc.). It is also concerned with disorders of the digestive system (hiatal hernia, colitis, constipation) of the genito-urinary (amenorrhea, post-partum syndrome, menstrual pain), the neurological and neurovegetative system (sleep disorders, neuralgia), the circulatory system (venous or lymphatic congestion) and disorders of the airways (rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis, swallowing problems). Integration with rehabilitation and thermal treatment enables a complete, effective treatment available to the patient.                            


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1 treatment: € 70
3 treatments: € 195
6 ​treatments: € 370

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