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Aquaria + Hotel =
Aquaria Experience

With 2 Aquaria All Day entries the Hotel stay is included!

Aquaria: an unforgettable thermal wellness experience
Surrender yourself by the 34­-36°C water of the thermal pools; relax in the hydromassage in an exclusive water circuit; dream with your eyes open thanks to the splendid lake view; for total body and mind wellness.
Moments of relax are waiting for you in Aquaria: thermal swimming pools with effervescent loungers, hydromassages, swan neck jets, vascular course, sauna and freshwater swimming pool overlooking the lake, internal saunas, emotional and jet showers; multisensorial relaxation areas with lake views including the Salt Room, Music Room and Starry Sky Room; Water Journey course access with immersive relaxation areas that let you discover emotions and suggestions that Nature gives us through a thousand-year course of thermal water in the areas dedicated to Rain, Mountain, Fire and Lava, Thermal Water.

A beneficial water
Terme di Sirmione water and mud, unique and rich in trace elements, favour skin regeneration restoring all essential elements and minerals. 
Learn about all actions of Terme di Sirmione thermal water.


Aquaria All Day +

Aquaria All Day Entry + Hotel Stay
158 € for 2 people

Aquaria All Day + Stay +

Aquaria All Day Entry + Dinner + Hotel Stay 
216 € for 2 people

Aquaria All Day + Stay +
Dinner + Massage

Aquaria All Day Entry + Dinner + Massage + Hotel Stay 
278 € for 2 people

Aquaria 5 hours + Stay

Aquaria Day Lux 5 hours entry + Hotel Stay
From 263 € for 2 people