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Irritable Colon and Constipation Check-Up

Aimed at: people with stomache ache or swelling

It has been demonstrated that thermal waters can have substantial beneficial effects and therapeutic influence on functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
At Terme di Sirmione, a group of doctors and nurses has been established specialising in the complementary treatment of numerous functional disorders or the colon through the use of intestinal washing-cleaning (hydrocolon therapy) which promotes the elimination of numerous toxic substances, the modulation-regeneration of the intestinal bacterial microflora and, thereby, the proper functioning of the colon. This check-up provides, in addition to a specialist gastrointestinal examination, nutritional assessment with the drawing up of a nutritional plan and a possible recommendation for hydrocolon therapy.

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  • Gastroenterological examination with abdomen ultrasound
  • Nutritional and anthropometric assessment and drawing up of nutritional plan

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