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The heart of thermal medicine


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Please note that access to the facility and the booking of treatments and massages are only guaranteed in the booked entrance time.
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Thermal Medicine uses natural treatments available in the area of springs, that is, mineral water and mud for preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative purposes. The aim of Terme di Sirmione is to prevent illness and take long-term care of people.

Health is the heart of thermal medicine. Thermal medicine has been the focus of more than 120 years of Terme di Sirmione and the basis of its know-how and clinical experience from which new specialist fields have been developed. Today, Terme di Sirmione displays a structure of global health interventions that supplement and complete the traditional range with courses and facilities that reach out to people and encourage them to take care of themselves all year round. The new services and fields introduced are Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, Gynaecology and Urogynaecology, Nutritional Service, Rehabilitation, Osteopathy and Vascular Service. These operate alongside the renowned specialisations in Otorhinolaryngology, Pulmonology and Rheumatology.

Personalised and innovative prevention, health and wellbeing services for the whole family with treatment programmes based on the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that make thesulphurous water rich in salt, bromine and iodine so unique and precious for many chronic degenerative conditions.
The treatment and prevention programmes are designed for all ages, focusing particular attention on the health of children and women, with the contributions of various specialists who are able to guarantee synergic and effective courses of treatment.

Prevention, treatment, rehabilitation: Terme di Sirmione is a health centre that welcomes you and supports you over time. Specialist medical appointments, diagnostic tests, treatments, full check-ups and programmes are the new services available so you can take complete care of your health and wellbeing. The accessibility of the services, the therapeutic, diagnostic and rehabilitation packages, and the rates have been designed to help you make the most appropriate and healthy choice for you.


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