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Recovering, improving the state of health

Thermal Rehabilitation is the result of the combination of thermal treatment and rehabilitative medicine in which the techniques of rehabilitation, together with the use of the thermal resources, are deployed in a particularly favourable environmental context for the recovery of psychic as well as physical health. Many painful and disabling diseases can, therefore, be subject to rehabilitative treatments practised at the same time with both traditional techniques and the thermal method. By creating synergy of action between the crenological and rehabilitative approaches generally leads to a final result of a superior extent than the simple sum of the therapeutic effects with the individual methods. Hydrotherapy, that is, the rehabilitation in thermal water assisted by a physiotherapist, is the most important example of integrated thermal and rehabilitative therapy. At Terme di Sirmione, the following are treated:

Disorders of the Osteoarticular System

Post-Op and Post-Traumatic Recovery

Rheumatic Diseases

Neurological Diseases with Outcomes


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