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Our restaurants

A fine, healthy and light cuisine that does not neglect the tradition of the territory.

The restaurants are located in the 4 hotels of Terme di Sirmione, the philosophy of which they follow and from which an identity of taste is drawn. Each one offers creative, distinctive cuisine and is open to everyone, not just hotel guests but non-guests as well. For a complete range of offers in line with the wellness provision without neglecting the pleasures of the table, all the restaurants use fresh, selected ingredients and offer healthy, balanced and tasty menus, created in collaboration with Dr Anna Villarini, a biological nutritionist and researcher of international fame.  To communicate this concept in the best possible way, all the dishes on the menu are accompanied by a bubble with a colour that indicts the lightness and recommends how often it should be consumed. In addition to the à la carte menu, the restaurants offer a personalised service, suitable for every requirement.

L'Orangerie restaurant

Elegance, taste and exclusivity with a lake view in the restaurant of the historic Grand Hotel Terme.

Dei Poeti restaurant

The restaurant of the Hotel Sirmione e Promessi Sposi: pleasing to the eyes and the palate. 

Caravaggio restaurant

All the aromas and tastes of the territory in the restaurant of the Hotel Acquaviva del Garda.

Quattro stagioni restaurant

Authentic flavours in a family atmosphere in the restaurant of the Hotel Fonte Boiola.

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The combination of thermal wellness with the pleasure of taste.


The experience of an unforgettable stay in total wellness and relaxation.