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Vascular Check Up

For people with problems with the legs (swelling, protruding veins).

The Vascular Check Up is performed by monitoring the functioning of the venous and arterial circulatory system without using invasive methods.
The sulphurous thermal water with bromide and iodide salts of Terme di Sirmione exterts general, local, specific and aspecific actions with physical and/or biological mechanisms capable of improving vascular function. In particular, this water is highly recommended for the treatment of venous vascular diseases due to the intense anti-inflammatory and anti-edemigenous action. All chronic venous, arterial and lymphatic vascular diseases can benefit at the preventive, curative and rehabilitative level through various applications, which include: whirlpool tub, water bath, vascular gymnastics in water, vascular courses in alternating tubs and rehabilitative circulatory gymnastics. It is also possible to apply, including in therapeutic association, manual or mechanical phlebo-lymphatic drainage or pressotherapy (with bandages and elastic stockings)

10 tips for healthy vessels:
1. work out (go swimming, jogging or take long walks)
2. avoid heath sources on your legs
3. do not stay seated for too many hours
4. avoid overweight
5. do not wear tight clothes
6. wear comfortable shoes (4 cm heels are recommended)
7. take a walk every time you can
8. rest with your legs lifted
9. eat lots of veggies
10. try and have regular intestines cleanse
11. quit smoking

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