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A thermal water spring with beneficial properties in a natural paradise: the ingredients for rediscovering wellness, health and beauty.

Terme di Sirmione on Lake Garda is one of the most important spas in Italy. Its appeal lies in a unique, essential element: the sulphurous thermal water with bromide and iodide salts, known for its preventive and therapeutic properties.

The Terme di Sirmione offer has four aspects: health, wellness, accommodation and brand products. The facilities are divided between Virgilio Thermal Centre, Aquaria Thermal SPA and four hotels: the five-star Grand Hotel Terme, the four-star Hotel Sirmione e Promessi Sposi and Hotel Acquaviva del Garda and the three-star Hotel Fonte Boiola.  Three of the facilities are equipped with an indoor thermal SPA where, in addition to swimming pools, massages and beauty treatments, specialist medical consultations and diagnostic examinations can be performed, with thermal respiratory, mud and balneotherapy treatments.  The benefits of the spa can also be enjoyed at home, Terme di Sirmione offers two lines made up of 100% thermal water: a curative, Acqua di Sirmione, and one devoted to beauty, Aquaria Thermal Cosmetics. For relaxation and free time, it has designed a series of articles in the Aquaria Collection.

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