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Relaxation Areas

Spaces dedicated to relaxation with a therapeutic path to discover the journey of thermal water.


From Ocrober 5 to 15 - 40% DISCOUNT on entry vouchers. Starting from 22.99€!
Book now and use it within 12 months!
Green Pass: from the 6th of August 2021 access to the Aquaria Thermal SPA and Terme di Sirmione Hotels is allowed only to holders of the Green Certification COVID-19 (Green Pass).
Discover the procedures on #SafeFor130years

Thermal water, rituals and events to tan and have fun in the suggestive panorama of Sirmione and Lake Garda.
Aquaria's proposals are very rich: thermal pools, whirlpools, sensory relaxation areas, Sauna rituals and Yoga & Mindfulness experience for intense relaxation and long lasting wellness. In October Aquaria is open every day, from 9 am to 10 pm!

Spaces dedicated to relaxation where to start a journey towards a new dimension, away from everyday routine and stress. Benefits of senses and nature are rediscovered on a path in contact with the inner self and the natural balance of body and mind. Here your wellness is safe. Besides compliance with the current safety, spacing and hygiene standards, we have raised our already rigorous standards in terms of cleaning, sanitation, catering and SPA management. We have reduced the number of guests present in the spa at the same time, increased the spacing between the beds and their sanitation with each use. We have chosen to give a graphic form to these attentions: a WATER FLOWER that will guide you in the safety of this thermal and relaxation path.


We give room to your emotions, to rediscover your time, in a journey towards an even more intense physical and mental wellbeing. Your relaxation follows the journey of thermal water. It has new forms, colors and natural sensations. 
“Il Segreto della fonte” is the sound that combines, exalting in a choral performance, the 4 songs that accompanies the water journey: one is the completion of the other and the 4 all together recreates a complete whole. The stories blend together in a unique voice, sweet and powerful, young and ancient, deep and light, representing the precious essence of the sulphurous thermal water with bromide and iodide salts.


Spaces dedicated to relaxation where to foster the natural balance of body and mind.