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Thermal Revital Age

An experience dedicated to rejuvenation while cultivating body and mind well-being

A new approach to beauty to rejuvenate face and body naturally and with balance

In the mature age, each person knows what is best for themselves: it's the Golden Age, an extended time frame to fully enjoy, with balance and awareness. The rejuvenation research with exhausting battles against ageing gives way to self-acceptance, to accepting time flowing and to the need of being at peace with our body. This new approach to the beauty of face and body meets with the research of a wellness of mind-body-spirit .

At Grand Hotel Terme anti-age becomes a 360 degrees revital age project: the focus shifts to the ability to support at best the natural ageing process, slowing it down, and on self-care by applying the techniques learned during the stay.

The program Thermal Revital Age combines the slow and relaxing rithm of an exclusive holiday in the natural surroundings of Lake Garda with an experience totally dedicated to rejuvenation of face and body, while cultivating wellness of mind and spirit. Beauty treatments with thermal elements of sulphurous salsobromoiodic water and mud, are assembled with beauty protocols that reactivate the reparative and cell renewal processes of the skin of body and face, with mild "thermal mindful" techniques, with remise en forme body treatments exploiting "thermal beauty care" rituals and a balanced detox and anti-oxidant nutrition. Facial features are more relaxed, skin is firmer and plumper, signs of expression are softened. Body is lighter and smoother after specific treatments and the natural draining, soothing and exfoliating action of thermal water, firmer and more harmonious as a consequence of Yoga Shape and Thermal Water Yoga sessions.

This stay is for those who want to:

  • slow down the ageing process remaining loyal to yourself, naturally
  • take care of yourselves with balance and awareness
  • enjoy beauty treatments with thermal elements
  • a remise en forme journey in a relaxing environment
  • learn mild Thermal Mindful techniques nurturing body and spirit
  • learn new beauty care rituals to follow even at home

What is included in the Thermal Revital Age stay (2 nights):

  • 2 Anti-oxidant Welcome Drinks
  • 1 Thermal Revital Age Program for 1 person that includes:
    • 1 medical consultation of introduction to the program and definition of improvement objectives
    • 1 personalized Face yoga sessions 45' to relax the facial features
    • 1 personalized facial cleansing treatment 80'
    • 1 face revital age 50' with specific treatment according to medical advice to awaken the metabolism
    • 1 kobido facial massage 50'  
    • 1 relaxing hydromassage 20'
    • 1 body scrub 25' 
    • 1 bamboo massage 50'
  • Overnight stay with breakfast and dinner with a choice from the menu prepared according to nutritionist's advice. Gluten free and vegetarian alternatives are always available.
  • Group participation in Thermal Water Yoga sessions with floating experience, free upon availability.


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Medical consultation to define objectives
Thermal Revital Age Programme
Overnight stay with breakfast
Dinner following nutritionist advices

Why choosing AntiAge Retreat?

As a consequence of science progresses in health and with the spread of a healthier lifestyle, people in their 40s today still look and feel youthful and those in their 50s, 60s and 70s live a life full of commitment and social relationships, in vitality, joy and self-care. It's the Golden Age, an extended time frame to fully enjoy with balance and awareness. 

In the mature age, everyone is able to choose what is best for themselves the most effective and innovative aesthetic treatments, how to get back in shape and soften the signs of aging; a personalized nutrition and rich in anti-oxidant without compromising on the taste; they also know the importance of everyday exercise, choosing an activity that is effective, pleasant and respects the changing body.

Living the Golden Age means indulge in the luxury that today everybody desires: The Time, time to cultivate spirit and pamper the body, to find yourself full of energy, desirable and at ease with your skin.

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