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Thermal Breath

Breathe consciously to take care of your well-being

Take a break to regain your health

Today it's possible to effectively prevent inflammatory conditions and chronic diseases for those suffering of breathing problems, cardiovascular diseases, allergy or smoking addiction or leaving in polluted cities.

Breathing Stay - Thermal Breath Care - is a  journey combined with check-ups, thermal treatments and complementary treatments, such as Breath Yoga, Thermal Water Yoga, Mindfulness, Counseling; so that an exclusive holiday at Grand Hotel Terme becomes an opportunity to change your lifestyle as well as an instant benefit to the body. A balanced nutrition is crucial to stay healthy and what we eat (and how) affects the respiratory system; the programme offers menus that follow Terme di Sirmione's nutritionist guidelines on cooking methods.

These stays are for those who want to learn:

  • how to treat and re-educate breath
  • how to control risk factors
  • how to learn techniques against anxiety, insomnia, pain, stress and other psychosomatic disorders
  • how to change lifestyle in order to have instant benefits on your body

What is included in the Thermal Breath Care Stay (2 nights):

  • 2 Balsamic Welcome Drink
  • 1 Thermal Breath Care Program for 1 person that includes:
    • 1 medical consultation for introduction to the program and definition of improvement objectives
    • 4 sessions of thermal treatments to purify the breath
    • 1 private and personalized session of breath yoga or mindfulness 45'
    • 1 relaxing whirlpool
    • 1 relaxation massage 50'
  • Overnight stay with breakfast and dinner with a choice from the menu prepared according to the advice of the nutritionist. Gluten free and vegetarian alternatives are always available.
  • Group participation in Thermal Water Yoga sessions with floating experience, free upon availability. 

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Medical consultation to define objectives
Thermal Breath Care Program
Overnight stay with breakfast
Dinner following nutritionist advices

Why choose a Retreat dedicated to Breath?
The pandemic has raised awareness on the importance to control risk factors and to keep us  healthy, with particular attention to respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Accustomed to an accelerated daily rhythm, a multitasking lifestyle, an unbalanced diet, our breathing is incomplete and incorrect and in time it can bring to a various range of disorders (headache, gastritis, reflux, irritable bowel, constipation, lower back pain, chronic fatigue, low resistance to stress, anxiety).
Becoming aware of our own way of breathing is a starting point to completely take care of our own health, to reduce symptoms and to prevent the manifestation of a real pathology.
The Breath stay – Thermal Breath Care  – is a program that combine treatments with sulphurous salso-bromo-iodic water, rich in hydrogen sulphide, mucolytic, anti-inflammatory and normalizing of the mucous membranes, and add complementary activities with a certified teacher, to learn anti-stress and breath awareness techniques, with benefits for physical, mental and emotional health. Exercises of breath modulation, yoga and meditation will be your tools to manage anxiety, insomnia, pain, stress and other psychosomatic disorders, once back at home. 

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