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Thanks to this agreement, the Florentine company is further strengthened in the sector of over-the-counter products and foreshadows the greater visibility of a product with unrivalled characteristics. Acqua di Sirmione, from Terme di Sirmione, is exclusively thermal water, microbiologically pure, 100% natural, entirely non-toxic and without any side effects, and it is recommended to treat rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis and also the hygiene and wellness of nasal mucous. Acqua di Sirmione is unique since it only exists in nature and cannot be reproduced chemically. It starts at a height more than 800 metres on Monte Baldo and descends 2,100 metres below sea level. This is a journey that takes longer than 20 years and enriches the water with minerals and unique properties. Giacomo Gnutti, chief executive officer of Terme di Sirmione, a company renowned for the treatment of airways, added: “We have launched a major and long-lasting partnership with Menarini with the common goal of reinforcing the position of our flagship product in the pharmacy, which has been successfully marketed since 1994”. “’Acqua di Sirmione’ is one of the best known and acclaimed thermal spas in our country,” said Lucia and Alberto Giovanni Aleotti, chairman and vice chairman of the Menarini group. "This is a unique natural product that we believe is very beneficial for patients and we want to contribute to its further growth, confirming our focus on excellence and Italian uniqueness. “Acqua di Sirmione brings together the qualities of sulphurous waters, which have anti-inflammatory and mucolytic properties, with the properties of water containing bromide and iodide salts, which have a moisturising and antiseptic action," underlined Carlo Sturani, Scientific Health Director of Terme di Sirmione. "The multiple actions documented by the scientific research exerted by the sulphurous water with bromide and iodide salts, make the product recommended for inhalation and aerosols in the case of diseases of the airways, especially in children: Acqua di Sirmione frees blocked noses, helps improve breathing and contributes to the daily hygiene of the airways. All this without significant side effects and interactions reported with other medicines. Characteristics that make it perfect for use with the most frail patients: as well as children, Acqua di Sirmione is beneficial for the health of pregnant women, the elderly and helpful for everyone on very many occasions, for example to keep the mucous well hydrated when travelling by air." The acquisition of sale rights by Menarini is an important milestone for the multinational Florentine pharmaceutical company, which has expanded greatly in recent years in the over-the-counter, thanks to historic brands like Vivin C, Sustenium, Fastum and Enantyum and new brands like Prostamol. For further information: Menarini Press Office - ufficiostampa@menarini.it – 055.5680.1

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