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Treatments and Massages

A wide range of thermal and aesthetic treatments for beauty and the health of body and mind


Treatments, Thermal Mud Wraps, Massages and much more: discover Terme di Sirmione Method Treatments

Terme di Sirmione Method Treatments follow protocols validated by dermatologists and employ high classical dexterity skills and natural products, in particular the Aquaria Thermal Cosmetics professional line made entirely with our sulphurous thermal water rich in sodium chloride, bromine and iodine, specifically designed for use at the SPA. The history and identity of Terme di Sirmione has always been linked to the use of our natural resources, thermal water and mud, with the collaboration of highly specialised professionals and medical staff.



  • Body Wrap with thermal mud - 100% TERME DI SIRMIONE |
    • Balancing and emollient thermal mud 50' Suitable for all skin types. Soothing and relaxing action. Cosmetic treatment with warm thermal mud with rose petals, rich in trace elements and minerals, including jojoba oil and its soothing properties;
    • Reducing and slimming thermal mud 50' Suitable for all skin types. Reducing action. Cosmetic treatment with warm thermal mud that, combined with the active ingredients of bay, sandalwood, grapefruit, jojoba and cedar essential oils, favours the drainage of excess liquids;
    • Leg detox thermal mud 50' Suitable for those who suffer from swelling of the lower limbs. Refreshing and draining action. Cosmetic treatment with warm-cold thermal mud plus lavender, helichrysum, jojoba and cypress essential oils, which create a feeling of lightness and freshness in the legs.
  • Thermal Body Ritual - 100% TERME DI SIRMIONE | A wellness treatment with 100% thermal water: private hydromassage, body skin exfoliation and enveloping personalized thermal mud wrap;
  • Body Brush with Candle Massage 50' Exfoliating and rehydrating action. Reactivating body treatment that stimulates microcirculation through delicate exfoliation carried out on dry skin with natural fibre brushes, preparing the skin for a warm and enveloping candle massage with vegetable butters.

Entry to Aquaria is not included.

  • Aquaria Massage 50' - 100% TERME DI SIRMIONE | For nourished and smooth skin, with Aquaria Thermal Cosmetics Massage Cream.
  • Vegetable Butters Body Massage 50' - 100% TERME DI SIRMIONE | Nourishing and enveloping, with pleasant aroma of olive or pomegranate.
  • Almond oil or Garda olive oil Massage 50' | Smoothing massage enhanced by the properties of Garda olive oil - highly antioxidant, protective and elasticising - or Almond oil - regenerating, emollient and nourishing.
  • Argan oil Massage 50' | Performed with movements that stimulate and relax the senses, 100% Argan oil is rich in vitamins and anti-free radicals, promoting deep hydration.
  • Drainage Massage 50' | Massaging movements that help move and eliminate excess fluids, counteracting fatty deposits
Entry to Aquaria is not included.
Special body ritual 80' that combine the regenerating effect of water bed with the relaxing experience of total body massage, to regain inner balance and stay connected to the world.
A special body treatment 50' to try in the new THERMAL RAIN MASSAGE cabin! that helps to relax the body thanks to the natural thermal rain.

100% Terme di Sirmione Treatment: scrub and thermal mud join together, the body relaxes under the natural thermal rain. The skin becomes soft, purified and visibly bright.

Aquaria entry is not included.


  • Facial treatment with thermal water mask 25' - 100% TERME DI SIRMIONE| The mask is creamy and gel-like and has a fresh and light texture.
    - Restorative collagen mask: suitable for mature skin. Anti-ageing action;
    - Relaxing and soothing mask with plant extracts: suitable for sensitive skin. Calming and relaxing action;
    - Balancing mask with ceramides and witch hazel extract: suitable for oily and impure skin. Balancing and normalising action;
    - Nourishing mask with amino acids and vitamins: suitable for dry skin. Nourishing action.
  • Special treatment for eye contour area - 100% TERME DI SIRMIONE| Suitable for mature skin. Anti-age, hydrating and emollient action. Ideal for tired or swallowed eyes. Has soothing effect, improves fine lines, gives luminosity and elasticity;
  • Thermal Face Ritual - 100% TERME DI SIRMIONE| Suitable for all skin types. Hydrating and purifying action. The treatment includes thermal water vaporization and clay mask application.

Entry to Aquaria is not included.

  • Oxygenating cleanse with thermal mud 50’ - 100% TERME DI SIRMIONE |Suitable for all skin types. Detoxifying. Water and thermal mud are rich in active ingredients; they are used in this facial cleansing along with products for all skin types. Includes Thermal Water Spray;
  • Anti-age Gold treatment with DNA 50’ - 100% TERME DI SIRMIONE |Suitable for mature and thickened skin. Anti-ageing, moisturising and emollient action.The treatment involves the use of an innovative line rich in active DNA substances, aimed at improving the tone of tissues and preventing skin ageing;
  • Face, neck and neckline Collagen treatment 50* - 100% TERME DI SIRMIONE |Suitable for all skin types. Soothing and firming effect for sensitive skin. Treatment using the coating of plant collagen activated with thermal water rich in trace elements that create a filling, firming and soothing effect;
  • Defence treatment 50* - 100% TERME DI SIRMIONE | Suitable for all skin types. Anti-pollution effect. An innovative antioxidant treatment that protects the skin from pollution thanks to a special molecula that, together with thermal water, acts rapidly to counteract free radicals activation;
  • Multivitamin Treatment 50* - 100% TERME DI SIRMIONE | Suitable for all skin types. Antioxidant and ultra hydrating treatment. A concentrate of vitamins ideal for every season to renew, protect and illuminate the skin;
  • Gold and Coral Dust Treatment 50* - 100% TERME DI SIRMIONE |Suitable for mature skin. Elasticizing and plumping action. Coral dust is rich in minerals and stimulates fibroblastic activity responsible for collagen and elastin production. Its light reflecting properties together with filler effect reduce wrinkles visibility.

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