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Sauna and Rituals

Intense relaxation through heat and steam


From Ocrober 5 to 15 - 40% DISCOUNT on entry vouchers. Starting from 22.99€!
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Green Pass: from the 6th of August 2021 access to the Aquaria Thermal SPA and Terme di Sirmione Hotels is allowed only to holders of the Green Certification COVID-19 (Green Pass).
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Finnish and Mediterranean Sauna, Turkish, Roman and steam baths: different ways to experience the benefits of heat on your skin!
Through sweating our body is able to expel toxins and the heart rate is increased: these effects equals the benefits of physical activity and will make your skin bright and smooth.
Learn more about our saunas and baths, and enjoy your experience in Aquaria to the fullest.

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Discover our rituals in the sauna and in the Roman bath:

Scrub Gourmet

Argillarium for 2

If you already purchased your entry or you have a voucher, you can book your Sauna Ritual directly at Aquaria