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Sauna and Rituals

Intense relaxation through heat and steam

IMPORTANT NOTICE: at the moment Saunas and Turkish Baths are not available. It is possibile to book Finnish Sauna in complete safety with our new Sauna Ritual 40' to be added to the entry. 
PURCHASE VALIDITY EXTENSION: we have extended the validity of purchases, gift voucher, Groupon and Esselunga expired during closure days caused by Covid-19: Read more

Finnish and Mediterranean Sauna, Turkish, Roman and steam baths: different ways to experience the benefits of heat on your skin!
Through sweating our body is able to expel toxins and the heart rate is increased: these effects equals the benefits of physical activity and will make your skin bright and smooth.
Learn more about our saunas and baths, and enjoy your experience in Aquaria to the fullest.

In Aquaria you will find:

Find out all the rituals available:

Sauna Ritual 40'

Sauna Ritual 40'
Booking is for 1 person. The sauna is reserved for max 4 people at once. Sanification is done after every use.
Duration 40’. Single use towel, reserved area with personal chaise longue; fresh fruits and flavored water are included.  
In compliance with safety rules, distancing standards and with increased cleaning standards. 

Other rituals

Aufguss aquaria rituali da vivere in sauna
Aufguss, Argillarium, Thermal Savonnage, Thermal Face Scrub, Hammam: these are some rituals that can be done in our saunas and steam baths. At the moment they are not available, in compliance with the actual rules: they will be back as soon as possible!