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Wellbeing is in our nature, always.


Following the approval of Italian Government Decree Law n.105 from July 23, 2021, starting from August 6, 2021 to enter Aquaria Thermal SPA and our hotels and restaurants, it is necessary to have the COVID-19 Immunity Certification (“Green Pass”), except for those who are excluded from the vaccination campaign due to age limitations (less than 12 y.o.) and officially confirmed health issues .
At Terme Virgilio, for thermal and beauty treatments and medical consultancies, the Green Pass is not required.  

  • Who can get the Green Pass:
  • Those who are vaccinated for Covid
  • Those who have healed from Covid-19 in the last 6 months
  • Who results negative for Covid after a molecular or fast swab test 48 hours before (learn where to make the swab Covid test in Sirmione)
Please visit your Country’s national health organization website or the Italian Government dedicated website for further information about Covid immunity certification.


  • Booking: in order to guarantee maximum safety of all our guests, for the access in all our facilities will be applied controlled access mode, so the booking is always required;
  • Before the trip: if you have flu symptoms or body temperature equal or above 37.5°C, if you were quarantined or resulted positive to the virus, if you have had contacts with sick people or if you are departing from risk areas, stay at home. We await you when you will feel better! 
  • Upon arrival: here below you will find all the rules we apply in the facility you are interested in, to let you have a safe vacation.
  • Staff: all members of our staff get their temperature checked daily and use personal protective equipment. Each member participated to specific training sessions dedicated to safety measures.

"Terme di Sirmione must remain a safe place”: with these words starts our new company procedure plan, regulating the measures undertaken to be able to welcome you again. We cherish everybody’s wellbeing, employees and clients, and this has never changed: we have a medical staff always available, we have procedures for medical services validated by our Scientific Health Director, codified procedures for all company activities and our service quality levels are certified for Quality, Environment and Safety according to standards UNI ISO 9001:2015, UNI ISO14001:2015 and UNI ISO 45001:2018.
We just had to readapt some ways to take care of you and we have grouped these into a new operative model. We have adopted specific measures for each facility in line with national procedures and in accordance with national health authorities. We have also improved our strict practices concerning hygiene, sanification, catering and SPA management. In addition we chose a new shape, also graphic, to indicate you all these ways with which we take care of you: a flower. When you will see it in the facilities, it will be our sign to show our further attention to you or to ask for your cooperation. 

In addition to safety, we also thought about some initiative to help you choose to travel with peace of mind: favourable reservation conditions in our hotels (free cancellation up to 2 days before arrival) and purchase validity extension.
All because we await you and want to warmly welcome you again, as we are doing since 130 years.

Best regards, 
Margherita De Angeli
General Manager

Purchase validity extention

  • ONLINE PURCHASES BOOKED FOR  DATES INVOLVED BY THE CLOSURES: all clients who received cancellation for their bookings during the two lockdowns, the new expiry date is June 30, 2022
  • GIFT VOUCHER OR VOUCHER PURCHASED ONLINE, AND IN OUR STORES: All valid vouchers purchased between February 2019 and May 2021 and still not used, can be used by June 30, 2022.
  • GROUPON CUSTOMERS: Groupon customers that didn't convert their vouchers in cosmetic products in our store.termedisirmione.com, can use them until October 28, 2021. In case of doubt please call Groupon Customer Service.
  • To make your holiday completely flexible, you can cancel the stay booked and receive the deposit already paid, up to 2 days before arrival.
  • GIFT VOUCHERS: we have extended the validity until 20/12/2021

  • GROUPON PURCHASES: Groupon customers that didn't convert their vouchers in cosmetic products in our store.termedisirmione.com, can use them until September 30, 2021. In case of doubt please call Groupon Customer Service.


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