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In the service of health and of people: a 360° wellness. 

The centrality of the person is one of the founding elements of Terme di Sirmione’s mission. This focus is reinforced every year with the definition of new goals, on the basis of which the offer rests: always to do better.

These are our established intentions:
Contributing to the improvement of the health and wellness of the clients.
Always offering the best service.
Involving, motivating, making aware and valuing the personnel through education and training at every level.
Promoting the continuous renewal of the processes, services and products.
Using technologies and products with low environmental impact with regard to the territory, safety and health of the community.
Integrating the policy on Quality and the Environment with other corporate strategies to improve productivity, profitability, reliability and image.

Scientific Staff

The excellence of the Italian medical-scientific panorama for Terme di Sirmione.

Research and Development

Constant investment in innovation to provide services and products always at the cutting edge.

All the certifications

An official commitment to the utmost respect for quality, the environment and safety.