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Medical SPA

The best curative proposals for the wellness of guests.

Sirmione’s sulphurous water with bromide and iodide salts is rich in sulphur, sodium chloride, iodine, bromine and trace elements, magnesium, selenium and zinc. These elements make it a valuable ally for health and this is why it is the basis of all the curative treatments available in the hotels of Terme di Sirmione.  
An exensive offer of programmes and treatments as part of themal packages devised by a team of doctors and professionals just waiting to be discovered:

Grand Hotel Terme

Hotel Sirmione e Promessi Sposi

Hotel Fonte Boiola


At the spas, nutrition is one of the most important tools in prevention and psychophysical wellness. 
In order to offer a complete and coherent proposal, Terme di Sirmione applies rigorous nutritional standards.  In all the restaurants and bars, the ingredients and recipes are selected in accordance with the most recent recommendations at the international level.
Specific nutritional programmes have been created on this basis, designed in collaboration with Dr Ana Villarini, a nutritional biologist, that provide an even healthier and more balanced Wellness Menu in all the restaurants.
A more specific Nutrition Programme is offered at the hotels, which involves drawing up personalised nutritional plans that take account of the individual needs and the specific state of health.
The initial examination includes the detection of physical conditions, consideration of personal and family medical histories, dietary habits, measurement of weight, body mass and blood pressure, and finally drawing up the first new dietary plan, with recommendations on physical activity and lifestyle.
You can start your nutritional course during your stay, choosing between the Wellness dishes, drawn up in collaboration with Dr Anna Villarini, a biological nutritionist, on the basis of the most authoritative and up-to-date scientific recommendations.

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A natural resource, unique of its kind and beneficial for health and wellness


A mixture of clay and thermal water with innumerable beneficial properties for the skin and body.